How to Get Bejeweled Achievement in Bitlife


In Bitlife there are even love achievements. The rules of these achievements are directly linked to love. Mostly, they are completed when you are just playing the game. And how is it with Bejeweled achievement?

How to Complete Bejeweled Achievement in Bitlife

As most love achievements, you will get this one while you are playing the game. And to complete this achievement, you need to receive 3 pieces of jewelry from your partner at the same time. Honestly, most players do this achievement only when their characters are old-aged. But we have tips on how to do it faster. Let’s find out!

Opt for a Female Character

When you are playing as a female, the chances of getting jewelry is higher. It really works. Therefore, you need to use this trick even if you want to play as a male.

Find the Rich Man

Probably, it is the main part of this achievement. However, if you are wealthy, your partner might not be. He can just take your money to gift the jewelry to you. Also, if you marry this man, the chances of getting jewelry will increase as well.

Build a Strong Relationships

Getting this achievement will require perfect relationships with another person. To build this relationship you will need years. Therefore, it is hard to do. However, there are many other things you can benefit from if you have strong relationships.

Clean up Your Accessories

The point is that when you have no accessories, the chances of getting new ones are higher. Therefore, you need to get rid of them by using the button in the menu.

When you have all these things done, you can easily skip the years to get a present. That is all about completing the Bejeweled achievement. 

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How to Get Bejeweled Achievement in Bitlife


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