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How to Get Balloons in Roblox BedWars

How to Get Balloons in Roblox BedWars
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Roblox BedWars is celebrating its 2-year anniversary with fun new game modes, items, and more! You can join in on the fun by buying some Anniversary Balloons, which are actually functional in a real match. Here is how to get balloons in Roblox BedWars.

Getting the Anniversary Balloons in Roblox BedWars

To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of Roblox BedWars, all players can now fly high into the sky with the aid of the limited-time Anniversary Balloons item. These fun balloons are not just for show, as you can float around with them and get yourself out of sticky situations.

To get the Anniversary Balloons, you need to purchase them from your base’s item shop during a match. A bundle of three Anniversary Balloons runs you 2 Emeralds, so you need to go hunting for Emerald Generators or Emerald ore blocks. Your Team Generator also starts generating Emeralds if you upgrade it all the way to tier III.

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You cannot purchase more than one bundle of Anniversary Balloons at a time. Once you buy the Anniversary Balloons, equip them and use them to attach a balloon to yourself.

You fall much slower with one balloon attached to yourself. You can attach a second one to fall even slower, and if you attach all three Anniversary Balloons, you actually start ascending into the sky slowly! The balloons pop on their own after a short amount of time, or you can pop them yourself by pressing the X key on PC or tapping the corresponding button.

Players with quick reflexes can use the Anniversary Balloons in an emergency to bring themselves back to safe ground. Just be careful, though, as you float very slowly, which makes you an easy target for a well-placed arrow. If you can, try to stay away from players that you know are packing bows, as that ensures you can float away to safety.

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How to Get Balloons in Roblox BedWars