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How to Get Apples in Tower of Fantasy

How to Get Apples in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, there are various ingredients. Some of them can be obtained within a few minutes, while to get others, you need to spend a lot of time. Read this guide, and you will find out how to get apples in Tower of Fantasy. No time to lose. Let’s get started.

Apples in Tower of Fantasy Guide

The first and the main thing you need to know is that Apple is a limited resource, which could be obtained only during the Aida Cafe Event. And this event lasts a short time. Therefore, you need to hurry up to get this resource as fast as possible.

Initially, Apple is a rare resource that refers to the satiety recovering ingredients. You can restore 4 satiety by using this fruit, which is pretty good. But using Apple like this is not a rational decision. Way better is to unlock and craft unique recipes using apples.

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Getting Apples in Tower of Fantasy

However, before finding out what you can cook using an apple, you need to know where to find it. So, there is only 1 location in Tower of Fantasy where you can find apples – Omnium Tower. Near this tower, there are a lot of fallen apples, which can be easily collected.

Using apples, you can craft Apple Cake, Braised Turkey with Apples and Apple Juice. Of course, this list is not so extensive, but these dishes are one of the best in the game. Therefore, collecting apples is definitely worth your time.

In conclusion, Apple is one of the best ingredients available during the Aida Cafe Event. And to get apples, you need to head to the Omnium Tower. Be sure; here you will always find a lot of these fruits. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful.

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How to Get Apples in Tower of Fantasy


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