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How to Get and Use the Paint Sealer in Roblox Adopt Me

How to Get and Use the Paint Sealer in Roblox Adopt Me
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Sometimes the only thing to make us feel good is a nice pampering session. For some pet owners in Roblox Adopt Me this could mean going to the salon and getting a fresh make over. It is possible to dye your pet many different colours from classic black to a bright pink and everything in between. If you find a colour you love and want it to stay for good, you are going to want the new Paint Sealer item!

Read on to find out how to get and use the Paint Sealer in Roblox Adopt Me!

Where to get the Paint Sealer in Adopt Me

The Paint Sealer is a new item now available to anyone who has a pet in Roblox Adopt Me. For a small price, you can seal in that bright and colourful shade you have given your pet and have it stay for as long as you like!

Usually any dye job lasts only temporarily, and you would have to head back to the Salon to have your pet dyed once again. With the Paint Sealer you can keep the color until you get bored. Unlock the Paint Sealer by visiting the Salon and purchasing it from Rusty for 20 Robux.

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Rusty is sat just by the entrance of the Salon next to a paint easel and is ready to tell you all about the Paint Sealer. He explains that the Paint Sealer is a cheap and efficient way of semi-permanently dying your pet another color. He goes on to reassure players that the color can be removed at the Salon whenever they like.

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To dye your pet you can become a stylist and reap in some cash while you are working too! Sit your pet in any of the designated spots and grab a Colored Hair Spray. Spray towards your pet and see it transform with a bright and stylish color! To make the color permanent, bring out your Paint Sealer and use it on your pet. Now your pet is fully colored and it will never fade.

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If you get bored with the color you can take your pet back to the salon and place it in any of the Uncolor spaces. The color will be washed away and you can spray the pet another color. Don’t forget to use the Paint Sealer to make sure it doesn’t fade away!

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How to Get and Use the Paint Sealer in Roblox Adopt Me