Home Game Guides How to Get and Use Spell Towers in Clash of Clans – COC Spell Tower Guide

How to Get and Use Spell Towers in Clash of Clans – COC Spell Tower Guide

How to Get and Use Spell Towers in Clash of Clans – COC Spell Tower Guide

Clash of Clans just received a massive update featuring the brand-new Townhall 15. This update added new levels for many troops, spells, defenses, and all heroes. Additionally, Supercell has added a new troop – Electro Titan, spell – Recall spell, and two new defenses – Monolith and Spell Tower. This guide will talk about Spell Tower in Clash of Clans.

Spell Towers in Clash of Clans: Everything You Need to Know

Spell Tower is a new defense unlocked at Townhall level 15 in Clash of Clans. It is simply what it sounds like. Spell Tower throws a spell when an enemy is in its range. It is a small defensive build that you can easily squeeze inside your base’s core.

Upon reaching Townhall level 15, players will have the option to build two Spell Towers in Clash of Clans. It costs 14,000,000 gold to construct a level 1 Spell Tower. At level 1, Spell Tower can only deploy a Rage spell. Players can upgrade Spell Tower to level 2 to unlock the Poison spell and level 3 to unlock the Invisibility spell.

Here is the cost and time it takes to max a Spell Tower in Clash of Clans:

LevelSpell Unlocked
Build Time
1Rage Spell14,000,00014d
2Poison Spell16,000,00016d
3Invisibility Spell18,000,00018d

How does Spell Tower work in Clash of Clans

After maxing out a Spell Tower, players can switch between Rage, Poison, and Invisibility spells. Rage spell boosts the defending buildings, heroes, and troops. Poison spell is dropped on the enemy’s army and heroes. It slows them down and makes them a lot weaker. The Invisibility spell makes everything in its radius invisible, which can easily mess up the enemy’s attack strategy.

Townhall 15 update seems more focused on the defensive side, as Monolith and Spell Towers are meta-defining defences. Spell Tower can throw a spell every 45 seconds unless it’s destroyed. Players can use some troops to bait a Spell Tower in Clash of Clans.

If you have any queries related to Spell Tower, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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How to Get and Use Spell Towers in Clash of Clans – COC Spell Tower Guide


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