How to Get and Use Pointed Dripstones in Minecraft

Pointed Dripstones

A few weeks ago, Mojang completely changed the Overworld in Minecraft by releasing Caves & Cliffs Part II. The 1.18 update renovated the peaceful dimension by adding beautiful caves and mountains. Many of the previously added blocks are now far more accessible to players.

Dripstone caves are one of the two newly added cave biomes. These caves lack the beauty of lush caves and can be fatal in specific scenarios because of pointed dripstones. Pointed dripstones can kill mobs or players if dropping from a tall height.

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If you have not yet found pointed dripstones, continue reading to learn everything about them.

How to Get Pointed Dripstones in Minecraft

Pointed Dripstones have been in Minecraft since the 1.17 update in Summer 2021. However, they generated only as small patches inside caves and ravines. Anyways, you can now find them in abundance inside dripstone caves.

Dripstone caves are underground caves added in the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. You will have to explore underground areas to find these cave biomes. After finding a dripstone cave, you will notice tall pointed dripstones growing out of the floor and ceiling.

Dripstone cave

Pointed dripstones are easy to break. You can use a pickaxe to mine the block. As for the hanging pointed dripstones, you can throw a trident at pointed dripstones to break them.

If you fail to find a dripstone cave, try your luck with wandering traders. They can sell two pointed dripstones for an emerald. After getting pointed dripstones, you can always farm them and get more pointed dripstones.

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Uses of Pointed Dripstones

Pointed dripstones can be used to craft dripstone blocks in Minecraft. You can build a dripstone farm using pointed dripstones. Here is a video tutorial on farming pointed dripstones:

You can also use pointed dripstones to collect lava in cauldrons. Thanks to pointed dripstones, lava can now be farmed automatically. Pointed dripstones can also be used to kill mobs since they take damage from falling on these sharp blocks.

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How to Get and Use Pointed Dripstones in Minecraft


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