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How to Get and Use Honey Bottle in Minecraft Bedrock

How to Get and Use Honey Bottle in Minecraft Bedrock

In Minecraft, players always have to keep the hunger bar filled to recover their health points. The best way to do so is by eating food. Minecraft features loads of different consumable items to help players survive. Many food items are obtainable through mobs, such as steak, honey bottles, pork, etc. This guide will talk about honey bottles in Minecraft Bedrock and how you get them.

Honey Bottle in Minecraft Bedrock: Everything You Need to Know

Honey bottle came to Minecraft with the 1.15 Buzzy Bees update. This update added bees and related items, like beehives, honeycombs, honey bottles, and more. Players can harvest honey from bees in Minecraft.

Like real bees, Minecraft bees also pollinate, collect nectar from flowers, and store them in their hives to make honey. After a beehive or bee nest is filled to the brim with honey, players can use a glass bottle to collect honey bottles. However, doing so will anger bees causing them to attack the player.

Players can use a dispenser to dispense empty glass bottles on a beehive/bee nest and collect honey bottles. This way, bees won’t get mad at the player in Minecraft. Players can also build an automatic honey bottle farm to get them easily.

Uses of Honey Bottle in Minecraft Bedrock

Honey bottle is a consumable item in Minecraft. Players can drink a honey bottle to recover three hunger points. It also removes any poison status effect from the player. A bottle of honey can also be used to craft three sugar.

Honey block

Players can use four honey bottles to craft one honey block. Honey blocks are almost similar to slime blocks. Players can use honey blocks to move blocks using pistons. Players can use honey blocks to create exciting redstone contraptions like piston doors, elevators, etc.

Hopefully, this guide helped you learn something new about honey bottles. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

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How to Get and Use Honey Bottle in Minecraft Bedrock


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