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How to Get and Use Hanging Sign in Minecraft Bedrock

How to Get and Use Hanging Sign in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft 1.20 update will bring many exciting features, such as camels, chiseled bookshelves, bamboo planks, and hanging signs. For a long time, Minecrafters had relied on signs to put up texts in their worlds. With hanging signs, players will now have a new way to display texts. This guide will help you get and use hanging signs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Hanging Sign in Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Everything You Need to Know

Hanging signs are the same as regular signs but can also be hung from blocks. Players can use hanging signs to display a bunch of texts in Minecraft Hanging signs will officially arrive in Minecraft in 2023 with the 1.20 update.

Bedrock players interested in pre-testing the upcoming features, like hanging signs, can download the latest beta/preview version. After downloading, enable the experimental features and create a new world to try 1.20 features.

Crafting stripped logs

There are two recipes for crafting hanging signs in Minecraft. Players can craft six hanging signs by using two chains and six stripped logs of any type. Instead of stripped logs, players can use new bamboo planks. However, players will only get six hanging signs when they use bamboo planks instead of six hanging signs. Depending on the material used, hanging signs will have different colors in Minecraft.

How to Use Hanging Sign in Minecraft Bedrock

After crafting hanging signs, players can use them right away. Hold a hanging sign in your hand and use it on a block to place it. A hanging sign has three variations:

  • hanging from the side of a block
  • hanging below a wider block
  • hanging below a narrower block, like fences

Players can use hanging signs as decorative items for their builds in Minecraft. Many players are using hanging signs as fences, which look quite pretty. 

If you have any questions about hanging signs, we would love to answer them in the comments!

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How to Get and Use Hanging Sign in Minecraft Bedrock


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