How to Get and Use Fish in Cats & Soup

How to Get and Use Fish in Cats & Soup

What is the cat’s favorite dish? Did you say Fish? Well then, you are absolutely right! The game fully confirms this opinion. How to fish in Cats and Soup? Further, our small guide will answer the question.

How to Fish in Cats and Soup

There are two ways to get the fish in the title. The first assumes excellent luck – the fish can be caught as a gift.

The second option is more reliable. Just build a fishing ground or a pond, call it whatever is convenient. Buildings in the game open after completing a quest. Therefore, you will have to wait for the appearance of a new function.

After purchasing a pond, make yourself comfortable with a fishing rod in hand. You have five baits at your disposal. As soon as the fish bite, the vibration will work, which means it’s time to pull the catch out of the water.

Fish can be different, from crucian to sturgeon. At the moment there are 18 types of it. Each has a value expressed in stars. The more, the better.

After successful fishing, one bait will take 2 hours to accumulate. The process can be accelerated by using a special ticket.

Cats & Soup – How to Feed?

  • Choose any cat.
  • Tap on the “Feeding” tab.
  • Click on the fish.

This is everything you need to know about fish! Good luck.

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How to Get and Use Fish in Cats & Soup


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