Cocoa Cookie is one of the latest additions to Cookie Run: Kingdom. She is a very sweet Cookie with a marshmallow hat, flowing chocolate-brown hair, and a cozy outfit perfect for the winter. Cocoa Cookie loves to jump into a mug of hot chocolate and spin around, dealing damage to enemies. Just like a comforting cup of cocoa, this special Cookie also heals her allies, making her a very helpful Cookie indeed.

How to Get and Use Cocoa Cookie

Cocoa Cookie will be in the Featured Cookie gacha until January 12, 2022, where you will have a slightly higher chance of getting her. The Featured Cookie gacha costs 300 crystals per draw (3000 crystals to draw 10). Cocoa Cookie has a 1.440% probability of being unlocked in the Featured Cookie gacha!

cocoa cookie run kingdom
Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In the regular Cookie gacha, you can try to unlock Cocoa Cookie for 300 crystals per draw (3000 for 10 draws). She has a 0.078% probability in this gacha.

You can also win her Soulstone in both of these gachas, with a 0.443% in the regular Cookie gacha and 8.200% probability while she is a Featured Cookie.

Soulstone cocoa cookie
Soulstone for Cocoa Cookie

Remember: Cocoa Cookie is only in the Featured Cookie gacha until January 12, 2022.

Cocoa Cookie is an Epic Defense Cookie who prefers the front of the team. This position allows her to take damage for her allies while being able to give out HP. She has a single hit DMG of 41.7% (+0.57% per level), and healing grants 42.8% of ATK.

Cocoa Cookie’s special skill is ‘Cocoa is Love.’ This sees her spin delightfully in her mug of cocoa, attacking enemies and restoring HP to the allies. A bonus skill also offers a temporary stun immunity to her allies.

cocoa cookie cookie run kingdom
Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Her regular attack restores HP to the 3 allied Cookies with the lowest HP. Use Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond toppings to get the most out of her skills. She may not be the most powerful attack Cookie, but she is a good healer and might be worth having on your team once she is leveled up.

Good luck!

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