If you like nature and music, you will definitely want to add the Clover Cookie to your squad. The Clover Cookie wears a pointy green hat and carries around a white clover guitar.

The Clover Cookie features alongside the Herb Cookie in the “Green Dawn” story. These plant-inspired cookies share a bond, and both are Support/Healing class Cookies.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Unlock and Play Clover Cookie

cookie run kingdom clover cookie
Clover Cookie and his Soulstone’s Gacha Probability

The Clover Cookie can be easily obtained from the regular Cookie Gacha. There’s a 0.380% chance that you will draw the Clover Cookie. Then, there’s a 2.810% chance that you will draw the Clover Cookie’s Soulstones.

As the Clover Cookie is a Support Class Cookie, he makes his way to the back of the squad. His unique power is called ‘Bard’s Song.’ And yes, he does start playing music when the power is activated. With this ability, the Cookie removes all the debuffs of the allies and slowly restores their HP.

cookie run kingdom clover
Clover Cookie (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

Clover Cookie was available right from the launch of the game. Interestingly, he was a gift to the pre-registered players.

Don’t forget to add Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate topping to your Clover Cookie!

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How to Get and Play Clover Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom|Clover Cookie Guide


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