How to Get and Evolve Swurmy in Coromon


Coromon is a fun RPG that is similar to the famous Pokémon franchise. Players take on the role of trainers who go around different locations and hunt Coromon. Players then train them and fight other trainers or wild Coromon. In this guide, we will tell you how to get and evolve Swurmy.

How to Get Swurmy

Swurmy is a bug-like Coromon. He is covered in armor and has a cute face. Swurmy belongs to the Normal type. Luckily, this Coromon is not very rare and players can find it quite easily. There are several locations where Swurmy spawns:

  • The first location is Radiant Park. You need to search in zones B and C, as Swurmy’s catch rate is 25-30%.
  • The second location is called Hayville. Search for Swurmy in zone A. We recommend this zone because here, the catch rate is 40%.
  • The last location is called Woodlow Forest. Swurmy spawns in all zones here, however, the catch rate varies from 8.5% to 40%. To catch Swurmy, we recommend using the Plain Spinner as it is the best for the Normal-type Coromon.

How to Evolve Swurmy

Swurmy is one of the few Coromon that has multiple ways to evolve. Swurmy can evolve into Beezel when you upgrade it to level 14. However, there is another way. During one battle, you must increase the attack of Swurmy to 6 stages. In this case, Swurmy will also be able to evolve in Beezel. And then, finally, you will be able to evolve your Beezel into Humbee.

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How to Get and Evolve Swurmy in Coromon


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