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How to Get Ancient Vergil Skin in Roblox Sakura Stand

How to Get Ancient Vergil Skin in Roblox Sakura Stand

Sakura Stand is an action RPG experience in Roblox that’s inspired by a variety of anime and games. Players will start out fighting with their bare fists, but eventually they’ll be able to utilize all sorts of different weapons.

Certain weapons can have skins applied to them, and the skins aren’t just for show in Sakura Stand—many of them grant their base weapons new abilities. Today, we’ll be looking at the Vergil skin, so here’s how to get Ancient Vergil skin in Roblox Sakura Stand!

Getting the Ancient Vergil skin in Roblox Sakura Stand

Before you start working towards the Ancient Vergil skin, you need to have acquired the True Anubis sword beforehand. If you don’t have True Anubis yet, you’ll need to complete a rather lengthy quest chain.

On top of needing True Anubis, you will also need a lot of money. The only way to get the Ancient Vergil skin is through buying spins, which means it’s completely up to chance. We’ll explain more later.

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For now, let’s get the True Anubis sword. Head to the large park near the middle of the city. Look for a bus stop, and you should see an NPC dressed in all black wearing a blue and purple bunny hat. This is Hika, and he’ll give you a quest to obtain a Haunted Sword if you give him $1,000.

After you complete the quest, return to Hika to get the Haunted Sword. You’ll then have to pay him $2,500 to receive the second part of the quest. The second part has some pretty tough objectives, so it might take you some time.

Completing this quest finishes the whole quest chain, and it awakens the Haunted Sword into the True Anubis sword. Now, you can start spinning for the Ancient Vergil skin.

Head to the café, which is the small building with blinding yellow lights near the park. Talk to Asakura, the girl with purple hair behind the counter.

Pay Asakura $350, and she’ll let you spin for a random weapon skin. You will only receive the skin if you actually own the weapon. You can see the odds for each rarity written on the wall. Here they are for your convenience:

  • Common: 40% chance
  • Uncommon: 25% chance
  • Rare: 20% chance
  • Epic: 14.75% chance
  • Legendary: 0.1875% chance
  • Ancient: 0.0625% chance

Yes, you’re reading that right—you have a miniscule 0.0625% chance to roll an Ancient skin. Unless you get extremely lucky, and we’re talking astronomically lucky, you’re probably going to be blowing a LOT of money on spins.

This is unfortunately the only way to get the Ancient Vergil skin. Pay for a spin, and just hope for the best. If you run out of money, go complete quests and open boxes to earn more.

That concludes our guide on how to get Ancient Vergile skin in Roblox Sakura Stand. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Ancient Vergil Skin in Roblox Sakura Stand



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