How to Get an S Rank in Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Sonic the Hedgehog games are always about going as fast as possible to clear stages quickly, and things are no different in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. Your performance at the end of each stage will also be ranked, and to obtain the coveted S rank, you will have to play pretty much perfectly.

Here are the criteria that determine your rank in Sonic Colors: Ultimate

How to get an S Rank in Sonic Colors: Ultimate

In Sonic Colors: Ultimate, your rank at the end of each act is calculated depending on a number of factors: clear time, tricks, rings collected, and Wisp powers.

Clear time is pretty much self-explainatory. The lowest the completion time, the higher the chances you will receive an S rank evaluation at the end of an act. Don’t waste too much time exploring and taking down enemies and you should be fine. Also, make sure to never lose a life and to never get rescued by Tails, as this will make rank A the highest you can get.

Performing tricks properly is extremely important to get an S rank evaluation. Tricks are easily performed after jumping at certain points, by performing multiple homing attacks, performing quick steps, and grinding on rails. One important thing to note is that tricks should be performed naturally as you blaze through a stage, otherwise you will end up wasting too much time. Generally, clear time does seem to be more important for getting an S rank than tricks.

Collecting rings and using Wisp powers also determines if you can get an S rank evaluation at the end of an act. Keeping Wisp powers active for as long as possible is extremely important, as it can make a big difference between getting an A or S rank. You can do so by opening up capsules of the same color as the currently active Wisp powers so try to chain them to increase your chances of getting an S rank.

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How to Get an S Rank in Sonic Colors: Ultimate


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