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How to Get an A+ in The Outlast Trials

How to Get an A+ in The Outlast Trials
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Getting straight As in trials that are meant to torture your psyche, test your endurance, and compromise your morals feels weird, but that’s just one of the devious things about The Outlast Trials. And like in real life, your grades determine the benefits you reap after the trial is complete.

However, getting an A+ in The Outlast Trials is not easy. The requirements for the highest grade may change from trial to trial, but you have to master the game to get out of every single one with an A+ on your report. In this guide, we give you some useful advice on how to get A+ in The Outlast Trials, so that your inner teacher’s pet can shine through.

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How to get an A+ in The Outlast Trials

Outlast Trials stealth
Image by Red Barrels

To get A+ in The Outlast Trials, you need to have an almost perfect run, and it’s not only about taking damage or the lack of it. All of your actions matter for the final grading, and you can see the criteria in the grade breakdown visible after you complete a specific trial.

If you want to secure that best grade and get special bonuses and additional perks, you can check out these pieces of advice for better results:

  • The most obvious advice is to avoid taking damage as much as possible. While you can still get an A+ if you take a couple of hits, we recommend going with stealth whenever you can and avoiding enemies to increase your odds of getting that highest grade;
  • Get all the collectibles (it’s usually three posters in solo campaigns) for increased XP and a better grade;
  • Keep the noise to a minimum. Trials are filled with sound traps like hanging cans or broken glass, and if you set them off, that will be held against you;
  • Use the items you get or find (like batteries, antidotes, etc.)—you are also judged on your resourcefulness;
  • If you’re going for a more stealthy approach, distract or stun enemies by throwing objects or try to get headshots if you engage in combat;
  • When playing with friends, make sure to provide assistance by kicking enemies off of them or help them heal;
  • You could also arrange with your group to protect one member of the party in each attempt so that they can get A+ more easily while the rest take care of the enemies.

If you don’t succeed at first, make sure to inspect your performance evaluation carefully and see what you should be doing more (points in black) and what you should avoid (points in red). The more you play, the better you become!

If you need more assistance with this horror game, come back to our section dedicated to The Outlast Trials and explore some other useful guides.

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How to Get an A+ in The Outlast Trials