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How to Get All Secret Weapons in Solar Smash

How to Get All Secret Weapons in Solar Smash

Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator that allows the player to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet. These include nuclear missiles, lasers, and asteroids.

Planet Smash mode includes several planets the player may choose from to destroy with the weapons. The planets are made entirely from voxels, which allows them to all be completely destructible. Different planets have different core depths, or no core at all, in some cases, which change how the planets cool after being cut through or hit.

This difference between planets does not seem to change any actual reaction to the weapons. Most often, the planets will suffer a small crater and a burnt area after a weapon hits, and these are the best weapons to inflict such damage.

Weapon Types

Solar Smash has had several weapons added over its updates. It currently has 22 unique weapons with 5 that can be customized in color, strength, size, amount, and velocity.

There are 5 categories of weapons. They have no specific names that the game has given them, so there have been player-made names for them based on their utility. These weapon types are:

  • Spacial
  • Energy
  • Laser
  • Alien Tech
  • Monsters

Secret Spacial Weapon – Black Hole

When spawned, it enlarges itself and then removes all voxels within about twice the Black Hole’s visible radius. It then shrinks and disappears.

Secret Energy Weapon – Nuclear Missiles

Launches nuclear missiles at the planet in random directions around where the player clicks. These missiles can be sent one by one or in bulk. They are also useful for taking down alien spaceships.

Secret Laser Weapon – Rapid Fire Lasers

Launches many small lasers at once. This weapon must be held down to continuously shoot. It essentially operates like a very weak, but very fast, plasma bolt.

Secret Alien Tech Weapon – UFO

Also called Alien Spaceship or Flying Saucer, this weapon flies from behind the player’s camera to a spot centered above where they clicked or tapped on the planet and then shoots a beam of green light to the surface.

Secret Monster Weapon – Space Worm

This worm randomly curls and turns from behind the camera of the player to the planet until it eats into it where the player clicked/tapped. It eats into the planet deep below the surface, randomly turning several times until it exits the planet and flies into the distance.

It has 6 mandibles of sorts in a hexagonal formation as well as several sharp teeth. The mandibles move in a chomping kind of motion as it eats away at the planet. If the mandibles touch bombs, they explode, but these weapons can go through other parts of the worm harmlessly.

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How to Get All Secret Weapons in Solar Smash


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