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How to Get All Endings in Slay the Princess | Tips & Guide

How to Get All Endings in Slay the Princess | Tips & Guide
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Slay the Princess is a dark fantasy visual novel adventure with plenty of twists and endings that change depending on whether or not you fulfill your main objective. Here’s how to get all endings in Slay the Princess.

How to See Every Ending in Slay the Princess

Spoiler Alert: We’ll be spoiling all endings to Slay the Princess in this guide if it wasn’t already obvious. For the full experience, we recommend finishing at least one route on your own before consulting this guide.

Like most modern visual novels, Slay the Princess features multiple outcomes to its story that are based upon your decisions. However, your choices during the first worlds don’t matter; it’s essentially what you decide to do at the end of the game that determines your ending.

After you’ve gone through five different routes and brought five Vessels to the Shifting Mound, she’ll be fully whole again. She’ll ask you what you wish to do now, and your choice affects what ending you get. To be exact, there are four main endings and two secret endings, and we’ll show you how to get all of them.

Ending #1: “There are no Endings”

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To get ending 1, you must accept the Shifting Mound’s offer into complete godhood by agreeing to leave the construct with her. To be specific, choose this dialogue option:

  • “I think it’s time for us to leave this place, but I don’t know how to leave or where to go.”

This should be the very last option in the dialogue list, so you’ll need to scroll down to see it. You take the Shifting Mound’s hand and fully embrace her love for you. The Long Quiet is unable to hold back the both of you, and it cracks wide open. As the construct is destroyed and a new universe full of life and death is created, you and the Shifting Mound leave into the unknown, hand in hand.

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Ending #2: “A New and Unending Dawn”

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To get ending 2, you must stick to your original mission and slay the princess. Any option that contains [Slay the Princess] will work. She starts to dispute your reasons for slaying her, but stay firm and do not give in. Resist until you get the option to slay once more.

Before you strike, the Voice of the Hero shows you the path to her heart, or her true consciousness. This ends up being the original cabin that you’ve visited multiple times. As you enter, be sure to take the blade. Go down into the basement and slay the princess, one last time.

Completely aware of what this means in the long run, the princess dies for good this time, but not before telling you that she loves you and understands your choice. You end up in the new world, alongside any Voices that were gained along the way.

Ending #3: “And? What happens next?”

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To get ending 3, you must attempt to slay the princess, but back out and talk to her instead. You can start this ending by choosing any option to [Slay the Princess], or choosing enough (Explore) options until she starts the debate on her own.

Once you get to the cabin, do not pick up the blade. Enter the basement without it, and the princess will notice that you don’t have a weapon. You can sit down and talk with her to figure out what’s going to happen next.

Both of you come to realize that without the Vessels and the construct, you two are now mere mortals. The both of you step out into the new world as normal, human beings. You can even declare your love for the princess for an extra heartwarming moment!

Ending #4: “You’re on a Path in the Woods”

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To get ending 4, you must let the princess end you and restart the loop. You can start this ending by choosing any option to [Slay the Princess] or choosing enough (Explore) options until she starts the debate on her own.

Once you get to the cabin, be sure to pick up the blade. Head down into the basement, and choose neither to free her nor kill her, but to take a third option: Reset the construct’s loop and wipe both of your memories. Once you see the option that has [Agree to her plan], choose it.

Secret Ending #1: “Congratulations!”

This secret joke ending is obtained by sticking to your original objective of slaying the princess right from the get-go. To be exact, you need to slay the princess on your very first run of the game. This usually needs to be done from a fresh save, for obvious reasons.

Start a new game, head into the cabin, grab the blade, go down the basement, slay the princess, and simply leave. When the Voice of the Hero starts to question if saving the world was this easy, just say that the Narrator was right. If you do all this on your first run, you’ll be treated to a poorly drawn card congratulating you.

Secret Ending #2: “Just as You Were Once Nothing”

This secret ending is obtained by not giving the Shifting Mound any Vessels. Every time you start a loop, play out Chapter 1 any way you want, but in Chapter 2, ignore the Narrator and do not go to the cabin. This results in the Shifting Mound getting no Vessels, and you need to do this five times to complete the route.

Every time you return to the Long Quiet without a Vessel, the Shifting Mound pleads with you that the only way to freedom is for her to get the Vessels. With no Vessels, the Shifting Mound doesn’t have enough power to break free from the construct, resulting in the both of you being trapped there for eternity.

That’s all the endings in Slay the Princess. What did you think of the game’s story, and the endings? Let us know in the comments below.

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How to Get All Endings in Slay the Princess | Tips & Guide