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How to Get All Badges in Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense

How to Get All Badges in Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense
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Whether I play PlayStation or Roblox games, I am something of a completionist. I like to pick up every collectible and get every trophy—or, in this case, a badge. Getting it all just means that I’ve really done everything possible with the game before I move on to the next one. Roblox games are special in the sense that there are usually not many badges to collect, but getting them all can be quite tough.

That is especially the case with Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense. Seemingly silly, this game will put you through the wringer to get just one out of its few obtainable badges. If you’re struggling with the task, we will show you how to get all badges in Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense in no time.

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How to Get All the Badges in Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense

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There are currently four badges listed in Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense—Beat Siege Mode, Type-P Nightmare, Escape, and Siege Mode: Hard (which cannot be obtained at the moment). Here’s how you can get those three that are available.

How to Get the Beat Siege Mode Badge in Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense

To get this badge, you will have to get to level 25 in siege mode. Out of all available badges, players obtain this one the most often. The process is long and challenging, but it is straightforward in its requirements. Apply all of your skills to survive wave after wave of Skibid Toilets, and you will eventually get there.

How to Get the Type-P Nightmare Badge in Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense

To get Type-P Nightmare, you will need to go to the end of the runway next to the Rocket Launcher and hit the Shift key as many times as you can. The goal is to have the game glitch and let you jump into the void between the buildings. You cannot just jump off the platform as there is an invisible barrier there.

You will have to launch yourself off the ground far enough to enter Limbo and discover the game’s backrooms. As soon as you spawn in Limbo, you will receive the badge.

How to Get the Escape Badge in Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense

The Escape badge is the most difficult one to get at the moment. You will need to get into Limbo—just like for the Type-P Nightmare badge. Once you spawn in the dark area, head right and jump off the building. Then, keep heading northeast (one o’clock approximately) until you get to a big platform that you should jump on. Keep moving in the same direction, and you should encounter one Skibid Toilet that you need to evade by getting onto another platform.

Look for a narrow ledge in that area and walk down. If you continue moving forward, you should see a big toilet appear in the distance. Walk up to it, and as soon as you touch it, you will get the badge.

At this point, you should have all three obtainable badges that you can brag about to your friends. Want more Roblox fun? Try Roblox BedWars—we can show you how to get the OP Hot Air Balloon!

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How to Get All Badges in Roblox Skibid Toilet Siege Defense