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How to Get All Accessories in Roblox One Fruit Simulator

How to Get All Accessories in Roblox One Fruit Simulator
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Roblox One Fruit Simulation is a anime-inspired RPG for fans of the hit manga One Piece. Players can join Straw Hat Pirate to battle enemies in both PvP and PvE clashes! This adventure game has all the weapons and fruits you could possible wish to use, and some amazing accessories that give boosts and buffs to whoever wears them.

Our guide below shows you how to get all accessories in Roblox One Fruit Simulator.

Locations and Stats of Every Accessory in Roblox One Fruit Simulator

Accessories are items a player’s character can wear that gives them buffs in speed, movement, health, damage, and more! They come in different types, worn on various parts of the body, and are only obtained by battling bosses. There are a total of 10 accessory items to try and find. The table below shows exactly which boss to beat to obtain each item.

Gorilla CrownHeadGorilla KingJungle Island+5% Melee Damage
Buros GlassesHeadBurosLie Village+5% Movement Speed
Iron JawHeadLorganMarine Island+5% Sword Damage
Marine CapeBackLorganMarine Island+120 Health
Clown HatHeadClown KingBoggy Island+2% Fruit Damage and +30 Health
Clown CapeBackClown KingBoggy Island+3% Fruit Damage and +75 Health
Gorilla PlateArmorGreat Gorilla KingColosseum+5% Sword Damage
Bandit ArmorArmorBandit LeaderStarter Island+40 Health
Zig ArmorArmorDon Zig/KriegBaratee+150 Health
Zig CapeBackDon Zig/KriegBaratee+3% Damage

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Your character can only wear 3 pieces of clothing or accessories at a time so it is worth choosing wisely. The items you choose should depend on what type of fighter you are and what sort of weapons you prefer using. For instance, if you are the type of fighter who enjoys heading into the fight with full force you will want to make sure you have your health buffed and some movement speed. If you use swords over Fruits, choose something like the Gorilla Plate and Iron Jaw for a Sword buff.

Inventory in One Fruit (via Roblox)

Remember you can only equip one piece per area of the body. It is not possible to add three head accessories, or 2 back pieces and a hat. It must be one piece per type: one head, one back, one armor. To see what accessories you have at any one time just go to Menu > Bag > Inventory. Select the piece you require and equip to use.

That is all you need to know about getting all the 10 available accessories in Roblox One Fruit Simulator. For more hints and tips visit our Roblox One Fruit Simulator guide section.

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How to Get All Accessories in Roblox One Fruit Simulator


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