How to Get Aim Assist in Fortnite Chapter 3

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Fortnite’s latest chapter has altered some players’ gameplay. Gone are the days where we might rely heavily on shotguns to obliterate the opponent, but instead an SMG and an Assault rifle are the go-to choice of a savvy player. These changes come with the nerf to aim assist. The devs at last listened to community members when they complained that the aim assist was perhaps in need of a downgrade. This isn’t happy news for everyone but it just means shaking up the way a player might approach a battle, their weapon choices, and a little tweak to their settings. Check out some tips below if you are sorely missing the aim assist.

Aim Assist in Fortnite Chapter 3

Aim assist has been changed to allow for a change in the way box fights work. The new stinger SMGs and assault rifles are the stars of the show this chapter and the devs wanted to ensure fights stay fair and balanced.

There is no doubt that the devs will continue to observe how these changes are affecting gameplay, and listen to player feedback, so watch this space to find out about any more changes.

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Meanwhile, if you are missing aim assist as it used to be we have some tips and tricks to help you out:

  • Utilise crouch movement more. Ok, so this may seem obvious but those of us who have relied perhaps a bit too much on aim assist may have forgotten that old school aiming techniques still work. Crouch and then aim to be vastly more accurate with your shot. Also, spamming the crouch will not only help evade the opponents’ shots but, in close battles, can actually help you hit headshots.
  • Change your sensitivity settings. Check out the video below for a guide on how your sensitivity settings can help you achieve better control over your aiming. Go to Settings > Controller Options > Use Advanced Settings > Advanced- Look Sensitivity, and lower the horizontal and vertical speeds by 7-10%.
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We hope that helps players who are missing the old aim assist. I personally have tried out the settings adjustment on the Xbox One and it has made a difference to my gameplay so we hope it does the same for you! Good luck.

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How to Get Aim Assist in Fortnite Chapter 3


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