Home Guides How to Get “Abyss Tamer” Title in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks

How to Get “Abyss Tamer” Title in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks

How to Get “Abyss Tamer” Title in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks
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Abyss Tamer is the newest Title in Roblox Blox Fruits that appeared in the last update 20. For each Title you need to do a specific task after which you can redeem your reward in the form of a title at the Title Specialist.

There is only two Title Specialist NPCs located in the 2nd Sea and 3rd Sea. The First one is located beneath The Café in the 2nd Sea in the Kingdom of Rose. The Second NPC is located in 3rd Sea, in the Turtle Mansion on Turtle Island.

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What is Abyss Tamer and how to Redeem?

Abyss Tamer is a rare Title that you can get by successfully clearing 50 Sea Events. After completing this task, you’ll be rewarded with an in-game Title, named Abyss Tamer.

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After you find the Title Specialist and activate the Abyss Tamer title in the list, it will be displayed in the chat when you communicate with other players, and under your character’s name. Enjoy your reward!

Titles in Roblox Blox Fruits and what they represent?

There are currently 176 obtainable Titles in-game and 12 unobtainable Titles. Titles are obtainable only at the Second Sea and Third Sea. Titles can be equipped and appear next to the player’s name when they speak in the chat. Some titles have colors, indicating that they are more difficult to obtain. When a player unlocks a title, a message will appear on the chat box saying: ‘New Title Unlocked: “Name of the title”, but on your screen, you will see just the title.

Note* If you complete a requirement for a Title in the First Sea, it won’t give you the title, but when you go to the Second Sea or Third Sea and complete the requirements for a specific title, you will obtain that title.

The player can equip and switch titles in the room under The Café in the Second Sea and in the Mansion in the Third Sea. In The Café at Second Sea, the player should see a chest on the left side of the shelves. Claim the chest and there will be a hole underneath. Go under, and the player will see the Titles Specialist (Axiore). In the 3rd sea, from the entrance of the mansion, turn right, and the player will see the trading tables. Walk further into the mansion, and the Titles Specialist will be on the right.

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How to Get “Abyss Tamer” Title in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks