How to Get a Totemic Moondrop in Wytchwood

How to Get a Totemic Moondrop in Wytchwood

Wytchwood is an interesting adventure quest game developed by Alientrap for different platforms starting with consoles like PlayStation 4 and ending with PC. The game appears to be a fascinating adventure with lots of puzzles that you need to solve. One of these tasks will require you to get a Totemic Moondrop. There are some players who are stuck at this point and can’t find this item. So, we are going to help them. This guide will tell you how to get a Totemic Moondrop in Wytchwood.

How to Obtain a Totemic Moondrop in Wytchwood

You will need to obtain a Totemic Moondrop when you reach a certain point in the Snake quest in Wytchwood. There will be a section with several Stick Totems and the game will require you to distract these things with a Totemic Moondrop. However, you won’t be able to get this item from the totems that you need to distract. So, you have to find another totem. Fortunately, there are a few of these totems located in the Swamp. Find any of them and try to obtain a Totemic Moondrop.

In order to see the items you need to destroy a totem to get what you need, you should use the Witch Eye Sense ability. After that, you will be able to see that you need to bring two items. The first one is Snagvine, and the second one is Logger’s Hatchet.

Snagvine is an item that you can craft with x3 Seeker Vines and a Sewing Kit. You should create this item before you start to search for a totem. After that, you just need to use it on the totem you’ve found and break it with your hatchet. Among many different items that will drop from this totem, you will be able to find a Totemic Moondrop.

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How to Get a Totemic Moondrop in Wytchwood


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