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There are many different potions that help to grant buffs to the player. They all have differing buffs and last for a limited time. The Summoning Potion in Terraria is a crafted potion that buffs the player’s Summoning ability when consumed. When the potion is taken the player’s minions are increased by 1 for 8 minutes unless cancelled by the player.

Players can obtain a Summoning Potion by crafting it at an Alchemy Table of The Placed Bottle. Summoning Potions need three items for crafting:

  • Bottled Water – can be crafted using Bottle + Water (or Sink).
  • Variegated Lardfish – are uncommon but can be found by fishing in the Underground Jungle.
  • Moonglow – can be found in Jungle grass in the surface Jungle or Underground Jungle; cultivated using Moonglow seeds on top of Jungle Grass in Clay Pots or Planter Boxes; or found in Herb Bag which can be found in Surface Chests.

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The Summoning Potion can be helpful in gaining players the ‘You and What Army’ achievement where players must summon 9 minions simultaneously. Combine the use of Stardust Armour, Pygmy Necklace, Necromancer Scroll, and Scarab Scroll with the potion and you should be able to gain the achievement.

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