How to Get a Shiny Magmortar in Pokemon Go

Can Magmortar be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular and well-known games in the Pokemon franchise. This product has an interesting game design based on AR technology that makes your game experience really immersive. There you will need to play as a Pokemon Trainer that tracks down and catches different Pokemon, trains them, and fight with other Pokemon in Battle League. You may want to obtain lots of Pokemon into your collection along with their shiny versions. Magmortar is strong Fire-type Pokemon that you can get in this game. This guide will tell you how to obtain a shiny version of Magmortar in Pokemon Go.

Shiny Magmortar in Pokemon Go

Shiny versions of Pokemon in Pokemon Go are desired things for many players. These are alternative skins of standard Pokemon and you have a small chance to encounter them instead of the regular version. So, you may want to obtain shiny versions of different Pokemon into your collection.

Magmortar is an evolved form of Magmar and Magby. This is the final version of this Pokemon and it is a very strong Fire-type fighter. Magmortar does have its own shiny version that can be problematic to obtain due to the fact that it is the final stage of evolution for Magmar and Magby. However, there is a hint on how to obtain it easily. You just need to catch a shiny Magmar or hatch an egg with a shiny Magby inside it. Then you will be able to evolve one of these shiny Pokemon into shiny Magmortar. The only thing you need is just patience especially if you try to do it with Magby who needs to evolve into Magmar for first.

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How to Get a Shiny Magmortar in Pokemon Go


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