Nuke in COD Mobile

When it comes to causing wide-scale destruction, nothing beats the Nuke in COD Mobile. COD Mobile has a ton of great weapons to choose from, but the Nuke has its own charm and appeal. Blasting a nuke will clear out all the enemies on the map and is helpful if you have many enemies to take care of. So if you still haven’t unlocked the Nuke in COD Mobile, this article will guide you in getting one.

How to unlock a nuke in COD Mobile?

In COD Mobile, the Nuke is a reward that can be unlocked after getting a kill streak of 20. Also, you will need to be ranked up to level 20 to unlock the Nuke. Once both of these requirements are met, you can start using the Nuke to kill every surviving enemy in a game. Here’s a step by step guide to accomplish this feat:

  1. Start the multiplayer mode in COD Mobile.
  2. Choose the perks that will help you survive, like Persistence or Hardline.
  3. Pick a heavy weapon that will help you get quick kills.
  4. Select a multiplayer map and dive right into the battle.
  5. Use the heavy weapon to obtain 20 consecutive kills quickly.

After getting the 20 killstreaks, a ‘launch nuclear bomb’ button will appear on the hub. You can use that option to blast the Nuke and take out all of the remaining opposition. Additionally, using the nuke will award you the Nuclear Killer and Ultimate Terminator medals.

Tips and tricks to get the Nuke quickly in COD Mobile

As the Nuke is a killstreak reward, it can be challenging to maintain a kill streak of 20 without dying. To easily do that, you might want to use the environment to your advantage. You can take enemies off-guard, which will make for some great kills. Knowing when to take fights is also important. While it is necessary to get kills, avoid unnecessary fights and you will see yourself quickly getting those 20 kills.

You will also need to fight from a secured location or take a higher ground if and when required. All of this will help you easily maintain that 20 kill streak and, in turn, unlock the Nuke in COD Mobile.

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