How to Fuse Uriel in Shin Megami Tensei V


Shin Megami Tensei V, like previous entries in the series, features an intricate fusion system that allows you to fuse two or more demons together to get a brand new one that can inherit the skills learned by the demons used in the fusion.

While regular fusion allows you to make some powerful demons, they cannot compare with those obtained via Special Fusion. Sure, you will have to unlock these special fusions first, but the efforts are usually worth it.

Here’s how to fuse one of these special demons, the Herald Uriel.

How to Fuse Uriel in Shin Megami Tensei V

To fuse Uriel via Special Fusion in Shin Megami Tensei V, you will have to complete The Holy Ring sidequest. This quest can be accepted in the Taito ward and requires you to defeat Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel in combat. As the three demons are very strong, you will probably not be able to complete it the moment the Taito ward is unlocked and you can accept the sidequest.

Once the sidequest has been completed, you can obtain Uriel by fusing Camael with Throne.

Uriel’s Resistances and Skills

Being a special demon, Uriel is quite strong and can resist or null multiple elements. Innately, the demon can null Fire and Light and resist Electricity. He is also weak to Ice, so make sure you are not facing enemies that are exploiting his weakness.

Uriel is also quite good at using multiple elements, thanks to his +2 in Physical, +5 in Fire, +2 in Electricity and +3 in Light. Being weak to Ice, it is not surprising that he has a –5 Skill Proficiency in Ice skills.

Below, you will find all the skills Uriel learns.

SkillsDescriptionHow to Learn
Akashic ArtsSevere Physical attack to 1 foe. Greater effect if a Critical hit.
Ragnarok2, 5 medium Fire attacks to random foes.
MaziobarionSevere Electric attack to all foes.
HamabarionSevere Light attack to 1 foe. Chance of instakill when striking weakness.
Level 83
Figment SlashSevere Physical attack to 1 foe. Low accuracy, but hits are always Critical.
Level 84
NarukamiHeavy Electric attack to 1 foe. Ignores affinity resistance and pierces through.
Level 85
Shield of GodGreatly decreases damage to all allies until the next turn.
Herald Talisman

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How to Fuse Uriel in Shin Megami Tensei V


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