How to Fuse High Pixie in Shin Megami Tensei V


Shin Megami Tensei V features a variety of Special Fusions that allow you to get some very powerful demons, but not all of them require you to get to the final portions of the game to unlock them.

Some of them, like the High Pixie Special Fusion, will be available not too long after you have started exploring the desolate wasteland of Da’at. Here’s how to get this early, but very useful, demon.

How to Fuse High Pixie in Shin Megami Tensei V

The High Pixie Special Fusion is one of those fusions in Shin Megami Tensei V that does not need to be unlocked. As soon as you reach Level 18, you will be able to get this demon by fusing together Pixie and Angel. By the time you reach Level 18, these two demons are easy to get, so you should have no trouble completing this Special Fusion.

High Pixie’s Resistances and Skills

Being a early demon, the High Pixie is not as impressive as some late game demons obtained via Special Fusion, but it is still a solid demon that learns a very useful skill once leveled up. Her resistances are limited, as she can only Resist Force. She is weak to Ice, so avoid bringing her out if you’re fighting enemies that use Ice attacks.

The High Pixie’s skill proficiency makes her good at using a variety of different skills, thus it is possible to build her as both an offensive magic user or a support demon. She comes with a +1 in Electricity, Force, Healing and Support and a -4 in Ice, making her horrible with the Bufu family of skills and other Ice elemental attacks.

Below, you will find all the skills the High Pixie learns.

SkillsDescriptionsHow to Learn
ZioWeak Electric attack to 1 foe.Innate
DiaSlight HP recovery to 1 ally.Innate
SukundaLowers Accuracy/Evasion of 1 foe by 1 rank for 3 turns.Innate
ZanmaMedium Force attack to 1 foe.Level 20
ConcentrateGreatly increases the damage of the next Magic-based attack from self.Level 21
Fairy BanquetRaises all stats of all allies to the max for 3 turns.
Fairy Talisman

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How to Fuse High Pixie in Shin Megami Tensei V


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