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How to Fuse Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends

How to Fuse Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends
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Champion Fusion is a function available in the Portal which allows you to create a new Champion using Silver and lower-ranked Champions.

Each Champion to fuse has its own list of Champions that can be acquired on different locations, summoned from Shards, or even earned in the Tournaments and Events.

The time for meeting the conditions as well as collecting Champions can either be strictly limited or not. For example, Relickeeper and Broadmaw Fusions are permanent. Even then, Limited-time Fusion Events have a strict countdown shown in the top-right corner of the Fusion tab.

You cannot use Champions that:

  • Have a Rank/Ascension level that is lower than that needed for fusion
  • Are locked
  • Are used in the Arena Defense

Only Champions with the maximum Ascension Level and the maximum Level for their Rank can be used for fusion.

How to Fuse Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends

If you want a quick summary of how to go about fusing Champions, then follow the specific steps below:

  1. Open the Summoning Portal > Fusion tab
  2. Choose a Champion you want to fuse
  3. Fill in the Slots with necessary Champions (choose one and confirm your action by tapping his avatar on the left sidebar)
  4. Do the same with other Champions
  5. Tap the Fuse button

Champion Fusion works just like a development tree. Fuse low level Champions in order to get a stronger one. Then get an even more powerful Champion by fusing this Champion with other required Champions.

And there you go! Now you know how to fuse Champion in RAID: Shadow Legends! Also check out our guide Tips and Tricks on How to Build and Use Burangiri in Raid: Shadow Legends.

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How to Fuse Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends


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