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How to Fix WoW Strafe Keys Not Working

How to Fix WoW Strafe Keys Not Working

World of Warcraft is the biggest MMORPG title in the world. Despite its age, new content is still being made for players to enjoy. Still, not everybody wants this new content as it brings bugs and errors. One of these is the strafe keys not working randomly. If you’re one of the victims of this bug, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll talk about how to fix wow strafe keys not working.

How to fix not working strafe keys in World of Warcraft

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Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Team is still working on a permanent fix for this bug, but we have some temporary fixes for you to try.

Change Character

You can change your character when your strafe keys are not working. This is to reset the connection to your server in case there’s a sync problem. Follow these steps and test if it works for you:

  1. Quit your current game.
  2. Pick a different character or create a new character if you don’t have another one.
  3. Log into the game using a different character.
  4. Try your strafe keys if it’s now working.
  5. If it’s working, you can reconnect using your preferred character.

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Check your key binds

New patches sometimes reset the whole settings of an account. Double-check your settings when trying a new patch, especially if you’re not using the default settings. If somehow your settings are changed, revert to the original and try again if it’s already working. If it’s the default and the strafe keys are still not working, try binding it with another key and test it, then change it back to the original once it’s working already.

Check your keyboard

Sometimes, it’s not the software that’s faulty but the hardware. If your strafe keys are not working, your keyboard might be the source of the problem. All you have to do is open “Notepad” on your device and try to type using the keys bound to your strafe keys. 

If it’s not working, double-check your keyboard connection or if your computer is appropriately reading it. If your computer is not reading it, pull the plug and plug it in again to reset the connection. If it’s still not working, try to reset your computer and try again.

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How to Fix WoW Strafe Keys Not Working


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