How to Fix Shrine Disappearing Error in Cult of the Lamb


Cult of the Lamb is one of the most intriguing roguelike games among the latest releases. There you will have your own cult that will praise your lamb. However, it seems that some players encountered a bug that makes the shrine disappear. Today we are going to help you to deal with this issue. This guide will tell you how to fix the shrine disappearing error in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Fix Shrine Disappearing Bug in Cult of the Lamb

The games of the roguelike genre are very interesting and they are able to generate many different situations during your playthrough. Usually, such products create random dungeons with various enemies and rooms. Each time you want to start a new playthrough you have to complete the entire dungeon from the beginning.

However, the game provides you with an opportunity to upgrade your character and other things that belong to you. This element allows you to get an advantage and Cult of the Lamb allows you to develop your own cult.

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The shrine is the main object of your followers that they will praise. It is quite a good-looking thing but some players report that they encounter a bug. This error makes your shrine disappear or become invisible. So, your cultists will start to pray around an empty spot and this bug may be annoying.

In order to fix the shrine disappearing error in Cult of the Lamb, we recommend you to simply quite to the main menu and restart your game. If it doesn’t work then you can try to play a single run and the problem should be fixed.

The shrine disappearing error in Cult of the Lamb is quite annoying but you still can play your game as usual even if you encounter it. In most cases, this bug gets fixed after you finish a run or after you restart the game. Good luck in your further crusades!

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How to Fix Shrine Disappearing Error in Cult of the Lamb


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