How to Fix PS5 Error Code NP-104602-3


Despite recording millions of sales after its release, Sony’s PlayStation 5 hasn’t been without problems. From lack of supply in certain regions to error codes that prevent players from playing online games, fans might have some trouble with the PlayStation 4 successor.

The console’s error code NP-104602-3 is a unique type of connection error that deprives players of the joys of playing online, whether due to server overload or some other cause. There are certain solutions you can try to make it go away, though, so in this guide we explain how to fix PS5 error code NP-104602-3.

How to Fix PS5 Error Code NP-104602-3

Thankfully, getting this sort of error is not that common for console players. So before diving into the various solutions we have outlined for you, the first thing you should do is check the server status of both the PlayStation Network and the game you’re trying to play. Visiting the console’s official web page lets you know if servers are down, saving you the trouble of trying to find a fix.


If they are, or if there’s ongoing maintenance, then you’ll have to wait until they’re back up. Below you will find other ways to fix the error code NP-104602-3 on your PS5.

Restart your PS5 Console

This can help solve nearly all issues with your console, as it’ll kill any running processes and shut down programs that may have a hand in the error code NP-104602-3. Although it’s a pretty obvious first step, restarting your console is very likely to help you solve the issue.

Check your WiFi or Local Network Router

Network instability on your end can also lead to the PS5 error code NP-104602-3, so make sure you have a standard and reliable network connection before attempting to play online games. If your router is stable, try restarting it as well.

Try Rebuilding the Database

To do this, navigate to the Settings menu in your PS5 and select System from the list. Then select “Storage” from the System menu and choose the storage system that you want to use for the database rebuild. Now choose “Rebuild Database” and then confirm your choice.

Clear your Console Cache

Go to the Home screen on your console and select the Control Center by scrolling up to it. Open the Settings, select Storage, then choose System Storage and select Applications. After selecting the game you want to erase the cache for, press the Options button on your controller, choose Delete Saved Data and confirm your choice.

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How to Fix PS5 Error Code NP-104602-3


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