Home Guides How to Fix New World ‘Login Malfunction. Please Try Again Soon’

How to Fix New World ‘Login Malfunction. Please Try Again Soon’

How to Fix New World ‘Login Malfunction. Please Try Again Soon’

Even though Amazon Game Studios’ New World isn’t exactly a new game anymore, there are still a lot of bugs and problems that annoy players. One of these problems arises while creating characters and displays the message “Login Malfunction. Please try again later.”

If you are one of the players experiencing this issue, you have come to the right place. On this page, we will explain to you how you can get around this issue,

Contacting Amazon Games Studios Support

So, regardless of the server—US-East or US-West or whatever.—when a number of players log in the game and attempt to create a new character, they receive the following message:

 “Login Malfunction. Please try again later.”

We’ve tried everything that Amazon support told us to do. After a lot of back n forth with them, nothing seemed to work. We tried everything, flushing DNS, resetting our Wi-Fi, and even a fresh new installation of the game.

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Still, pressing the ‘Create Character’ button was causing a brief period of validation followed by an error message that read, “Login malfunction, please try again soon.”

New World Login Malfunction. Please Try Again Soon

How to Fix Login malfunction issue in New World

So, it looks like what’s causing the problem is this: If you previously deleted a character, you cannot create a new character with the same name. Apparently, the server keeps some kind of record which results in this error. The character’s name is tied to the account for an unknown amount of time.

The only solution sadly is to create a new character with a different name. This is frustrating as for many RPG players, their in-game name is important for a number of reasons. But, it is what it is and this is the only way to work around this problem.

Hopefully, this solution will help you create a character and log into New World servers.

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How to Fix New World ‘Login Malfunction. Please Try Again Soon’


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