How to Fix High Ping and Lag in Wild Rift

Wild Rift 2.3c update
Wild Rift 2.3c update

Wild Rift is a mobile version of the famous League of Legends. It is one of the most popular free-to-play MOBA games with lots of champions that you are able to control. The matches in this game are very competitive and any problems related to lags and high ping can be really frustrating. It is always annoying when you get killed because of a lag. So, this guide will give you a couple of hints on how to fix high ping and lag issues in Wild Rift.

How to Fix High Ping and Lag Issues in Wild Rift

High ping and lag issues in Wild Rift can be really annoying and frustrating. They don’t let you play with comfort and make you vulnerable to the opponent’s attacks. So, you can be killed because of these issues and you may want to prevent such a thing. In this case, you can try to do one of the next actions.

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The first thing you can try to do is to choose the correct server. There are a few of them and each server belongs to a certain region. You should choose the nearest one as it is able to stabilize your game better than other servers. Also, you should make sure that you don’t use VPN as it may cause some lags as well.

The second thing you can try is to close all the apps that your device runs in the background. These programs may require an internet connection even when they are run in the background. So, they can cause some lags and you should close them if you don’t need them. Also, you should check your internet connection as it may cause lags as well. If you can’t fix the issue you can contact customer support and ask for help.

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How to Fix High Ping and Lag in Wild Rift


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