How to Fix Fatal D3D in Monster Hunter Rise

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The Fatal D3D error appears when running Monster Hunter Rise. It often happens without any prerequisites. Fortunately, Internet users have managed to find a number of methods that can cure the disease.

Reset Graphics Card Frequencies

If you have recently increased the frequencies on your graphics card, please try resetting them to factory settings. Perhaps this is how you get rid of the Fatal D3D error. Doing this for just one game is a hassle, but if it helps, it’s worth it. We recommend making a couple of special presets in MSI Afterburner, between which you can easily and quickly switch.

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Limit Frame Rate

Some users claim that they managed to get rid of the Fatal D3D error by limiting the frame rate of Monster Hunter Rise to 60 FPS. You can implement the restriction in different ways, but the easiest way is to start the Rivatuner Statistics input or the control panel of your video card (Nvidia, AMD, Intel). There should be no problems with either: select the game executable file and set the desired value for the frame rate.

Force DirectX 11

DirectX 12 is directly related to the Fatal D3D error – this is indicated in the message of the latter. However, apparently, Monster Hunter Rise can run not only on DirectX 12 but also on DirectX 11. To transfer the game to another API, you need to do the following:

  1. Launch the Steam client (as administrator);
  2. Right-click on Monster Hunter Rise in the game library;
  3. Select “Properties” and go to the “General” tab;
  4. Write the value “-dx 11” (without quotes) in the empty line of the launch parameters.

Of course, when you run Monster Hunter Rise in this mode, you lose the graphic benefits of DirectX 12, but the Fatal D3D error should disappear, and, theoretically, you will get a more stable frame rate.

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How to Fix Fatal D3D in Monster Hunter Rise


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