How to Fix Don’t Starve Crash, Lag, Black Screen, Won’t Launch

How to Fix Don't Starve Crash, Lag, Black Screen, Won't Launch

If you’re having technical issues with Don’t Starve, this article will help you by listing the most common issues with the game and how to fix them.

First, you should familiarize yourself with the system requirements of the game. Also, most problems with the game can be solved by updating your computer drivers and installing the latest DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft Net Framework libraries. It is also worth warning that various modifications can affect the stability of the game itself. Perhaps your problem can be solved by removing unstable modifications.

Error During Initialization Fix

Most often, this error occurs when the video card cannot play the game, or cannot allocate enough video memory (256 MB) to render the game.

  • Try verifying the integrity of the game cache or reinstalling the game.
  • Make sure that all drivers of your system (video card, operating system, etc.) are updated to the latest version.

Game Crashes

Most likely this problem will appear if your device does not have enough performance.

  • Lower the graphics quality in the settings.
  • Perhaps you do not have the latest version of the drivers for the video card, it is recommended to update them.

Black Screen in Don’t Starve

Often this problem appears due to problems with the graphics processor. In some cases, a black screen is due to low CPU performance.

  • Check if your video card meets the system requirements and install the latest drivers.
  • If your computer meets the system requirements, then the following actions may help: switch with ALT + TAB to another window and then switch back to the game window.

Lags in Don’t Starve

Lag in the game is most often a consequence of low computer performance or RAM memory load.

  • Lower the graphics quality in the settings.
  • Try clearing the RAM memory by disabling unnecessary processes through the task manager or in some other way.

Don’t Starve Won’t Launch

  • Try reinstalling the game. Verify the integrity of the game cache
  • In the path to the folder with the game, you must use only Latin characters (English characters) and numbers.
  • Disable your antivirus during installation. Perhaps the antivirus removes important files for the game to work.

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How to Fix Don’t Starve Crash, Lag, Black Screen, Won’t Launch


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