How to Find the Scary Statue in MIR4

How to Find the Scary Statue in MIR4

MIR4 is one of the most interesting releases in the MMORPG genre. This is a mobile game with lots of interesting features. There are many different classes, locations, monsters, and quests. The most common ones are small tasks that you can complete really fast to get a small reward. These tasks are called Requests and some of them demand you to find a certain item. Such a task can be problematic to complete as the exact location of the item is not marked on your map. This guide will help you with one of these requests. Today, we will tell you how to find the Scary Statue in MIR4.

How to Find the Scary Statue in MIR4

Find the Scary Statue in MIR4 is one of the Requests you will be able to complete in Recluse Valley. The task itself requires you to find a certain item called the Scary Statue. You just need to approach it and press the action button. However, it may be a problematic thing to complete due to the fact that the statue is hidden. So, we are going to tell you its exact location.

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Find the Scary Statue Request in MIR4 provides you with a small hint that should help you to find the item. It says that you can find the Scary Statue in the bamboo forest of a high cliff where a Wooden Dummy stands. These wooden dummies should be the first thing to focus on. Head to Recluse Valley and find them. Then you will need to look at the two dummies that are standing together. There should be a rock behind them. Climb on the top of it and look at the bamboo trees. There you will be able to see other platforms you can stand on. On the top of the last platform, you will see the Scary Statue marked with red light.

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How to Find the Scary Statue in MIR4


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