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One Piece has been a beloved anime and manga series ever since it launched, eventually making its way to become a video game adaptation on Roblox that’s been played by millions of players on the platform. The game allows players to create a character and use that character to traverse over the island and own ships, fight in duels and take on the challenges that come with being a pirate.

That’s one of the main reasons why Pixel Piece is such an exciting game to play and get lost in. So in this article, we’ll be talking about fruits. Fruits are highly coveted in the game but in Pixel Piece, it’s slightly easier to get fruits and get some really cool abilities. So here’s how to find the Pixel Fruit Dealer in Pixel Piece – Roblox.

How to Find the Pixel Fruit Dealer in Pixel Piece – Roblox

One of the easiest ways of getting Fruit is to buy it from the Fruit Dealer and you can find the Fruit Dealer at Central Port that’s located just southwest of Orange Town. If you have a boat, simply set sail from Orange Town, and travel southwest till you get to Central Port.


Once you get to the island, look for a big wooden staircase and if you see a door underneath it, it means you have arrived at the Fruit Dealer shop which will offer you a randomised assortment of up to five Fruits, which you can buy using Robux or Beli.

And if you are unable to find the particular fruit you’re looking for, you can always go back after an hour after the stock refreshes. Conversely, if you do get the fruit you want and end up not liking it and want to get rid of it, you can use the Fruit Remover NPC at Central Port.

Fruits will enhance your character in the game by giving them powerful abilities that’ll come in handy after using Pixel Fruits. However, it’s worth adding that if you eat a Pixel Fruit and gain these special abilities, you will lose the abilities if your character swims.

Apart from finding a Pixel Fruit Dealer, you get lucky and stumble upon one because Pixel can spawn under a random tree somewhere in the game world every hour, so if you notice anyone that spawns near you, quickly find it and eat it to gain special abilities without having to find the Fruit Dealer.

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How to Find the Pixel Fruit Dealer in Pixel Piece – Roblox


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