How to Find the Nameless Grave in MIR4


MIR4 is an open-world fantasy game full of action-packed adventure, relaxing gathering and crafting, and amazing PvP battles. It offers a huge range of quests and gameplay to fit any player. MIR4’s Nameless Grave challenge is part of the Very Thick Family Record Request where players are asked to find the grave in Nefariox Ruins 1F. This request is giving a few players some trouble, so let us guide you through the location and discovery of both the ruins and the grave.

The Very Thick Family Record Request

Note: The Very Thick Family Record request is a level 5 difficulty. To access this request, tap Missions, then Request, and finally Bicheon Castle. Within the Bicheon Castle tab, you will find a request named “Very Thick Family Record.” Tap on ‘Move’ located to the right of the request, and it will transport you to an NPC named Yunseok. You will have to interact with Yunseok and accept the Very Thick Family Record mission.

MIR4 Request: Very Thick Family Record

How to Find the Nameless Grave at Nefariox Ruins 1F

To travel to Nefariox, just open your world map and find the Bicheon Area, then select the Nefariox Ruins. Travel to the first floor (1F). A pop-up tells you that the records can be found at a stone grave—this is the Nameless Grave. The Nameless Grave that you are seeking is located near Red Wolves Horde. The area you will search is quite large and full of enemies and bosses to fight, as well as resources to collect and use.

Nefariox Ruins MIR4 Map

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It may take some time to search for the grave, but you will know it when you see it—it will be lit up by a golden aura. Interact with the grave to search for the records. Another pop-up will appear to confirm you have discovered Yunseok’s family records, and you will be rewarded for your hard work. Congratulations!

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How to Find the Nameless Grave in MIR4


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