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How To Find The Gooch in GTA Online

How To Find The Gooch in GTA Online
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Even though GTA Online was released 9 years ago, the game regularly gets new content. The unique Christmas update in GTA Online with Gooch is considered one of the best updates in GTA over the last few years. Read this guide, and you will find out where to find The Gooch in GTA Online.

Who is Gooch in GTA Online?

Before finding out how to find The Gooch, it would be best to discover more about this creature. Gooch is the new mugger added in the most recent Christmas update to GTA Online. It can target anyone in the game, stealing money, weapons, and other expensive items. Some people think Gooch is the analog of the Grinch from movies, but there are no official comments on this rumor.

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Where to Find The Gooch in GTA Online

Once you know who the Gooch is, it is time to discover where you can find this monster. The foremost thing you should know is that the Gooch appears only if you spend some time in the game. There is no official information on how much time you should spend in the public lobby to face the Gooch, but the approximate time is 1 hour.

Moreover, you should consider not trying to find the Gooch; this monster will find you first. Your mission is to kill it, even if it might sometimes appear challenging. And the main reward for killing the Gooch is a special Gooch mask, along with $25,000, which is meager money in GTA Online nowadays.

In conclusion, the Gooch is the newest monster in GTA Online, added in the newest Christmas update. It is one of the most dangerous mysterious creatures spotted in the game in recent times. So, you should be extremely careful while trying to kill this enemy.

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How To Find The Gooch in GTA Online


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