How to Find the CEO for the Unite! Quest in Spiritfarer: Tips and Cheats

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Spiritfarer quests are generally initiated by speaking to passengers aboard the boat. Albert, who owns a shipyard, will give you a quest that helps you get your very own mailbox where Stella receives mail, including letters and blueprints. Once you have your mailbox, you get a letter telling you about a worker’s strike at Bottom Line Corp. This puts the location on your map and you can begin the task to find the CEO.

How to Find the Bottom Line Corp CEO

Bottom Line Corp can be found just southeast of Albert’s shipyard.

spiritfarer map
Bottom Line Corp in Spiritfarer

The first task for this quest is to speak to the protest leader, which is simple enough. You may then want to find and speak to Atul and examine the broken fuse box, but you won’t find the CEO there!

Sneakily, the CEO of Bottom Line Corp has hidden their office high up amongst the storage containers. After speaking to the protest leader, go left and find the shipping container that is blue, not red. Double jump to climb onto it.

Keep making your way up the containers until you see a walkway. Here you should be able to see a ladder to climb up. At the top of the ladder is the CEO’s office!

ceo bottom line corp spiritfarer
The CEO of Bottom Line Corp can be found in a blue storage container

He won’t open the door and let you in to speak to him, so a chat through the window will have to suffice. Now that you know where he is, you will be able to go back and forth between him and the protest leader to complete the rest of the tasks for the UNITE! quest.

Unite! Quest Tasks:

  1. Talk to the protest leader
  2. Talk to the cowardly CEO
  3. Talk to the protest leader one more time
  4. Talk to the terrible CEO again
  5. Talk to the protest leader for the last time
  6. Talk to the obnoxious CEO one more time
  7. Talk to Astrid
Astrid spiritfarer
Astrid in Spiritfarer

Once those tasks are complete and the Unite! quest is finished, you will have the female lynx spirit Astrid onboard Stella’s boat. Tip: feed Astrid Noodle Soup when she is on board, as it is her favorite food!

Hopefully that has helped you achieve the Unite! quest! Let us know in the comments below if you have any hints or tips for this part of Spiritfarer.

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How to Find the CEO for the Unite! Quest in Spiritfarer: Tips and Cheats


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