How to find Mega Rare Monsters in Nexomon: Extinction


There are lots of interesting and exciting aspects in Nexomon: Extinction. Many of which will even keep you glued to the game for an extensive period of time.

However, one unique aspect that makes the game playable over and over again is the idea of spending lots of time in an area hoping to see a rare beast.

However, there’s already a bunch of things to do such as bullying tamers, catching other monsters, most of which you can hardly make time to hunt the coveted animals. Although, there’s a way you can maximize your chances of seeing a mega rate monster using one integral item.

In this article we’ll be guiding you on how to find mega rare monsters in Nexomon: Extinction.

Finding and Battling Florozard


Parum is the first major location you’ll find in Nexomon: Extinction and once you’ve made it there, you can walk through to the northwest part of town.

Once there you will find a research center that will have a black-haired scientist on the right side of the help desk. He will make you an offer that you cannot refuse on once condition – you have to fight his Nexomon.

The problem, however, is that his Nexomon is the mega rare Florozard. The Florozard is strong indeed, but since it’s a grass-type Nexomon, the Florozard shouldn’t give you a tough time so long as you have fire-types in your arsenal and the move Burn.

Make Sure You have Enough Coins on You


Once you’ve fought and defeated the Florozard, the scientist will explain that the Florozard, among many others can be captured using the Experimental Lure.

The Experimental Lure is a rod that allows players to easily seek out extravagant Nexomon in the wild. We recommend having enough coins because you will have to purchase the Experimental Lure from him for 1,000 coins.

But if you don’t have enough coins on you, you can just battle the rich tamers close to the Frozen Caverns and get the coins without wasting much time.


As you progress through the game, you’ll realize that the Experimental Lure is a vital item in the game that you must have. And once you’ve passed the Parum, there’s a massive jump in Nexomon levels which will see a mega rare creature of yours pay off.

Also, you don’t necessarily have to use the Experimental Lure by going to your inventory. Once acquired, your chances are automatically increased.

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How to find Mega Rare Monsters in Nexomon: Extinction


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