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How to Find Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks

How to Find Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks
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Roblox Blox Fruits is one of the most popular Mod among fans of Roblox games, and if you want to learn how to find Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits, here’s the guide you were looking for.

Image via Gamer Robot Inc

What is Frozen Dimension in Roblox Blox Fruits?

The Frozen Dimension is a sea event added in Update 20. This sea event is needed to spawn the Leviathan Raid Boss. Update 20 brings new features to the game, such as ? Fruits + Islands ⛵+ Swords, and many more.

Note* You need a group of five or more players before this island spawns or else it would be glitched and would not let you in.

The Frozen Domain is part of the sea events in Blox Fruits’ third sea as of Update 20. It is spawned in the 5th and 6th danger zones for what is currently known. You need the island to spawn in order to defeat Leviathan.

As we said, you need at least 5 people on your ship when the island spawns, or else it won’t work. The NPC named Spy, which you would need to talk to is the domain watcher to spawn Leviathan. He will open the gate for you as long as you have enough allies and are on the pirate side. This island is needed to spawn Leviathan.

Sea Danger 5 is very rare for it to spawn, but Sea Danger 6 has it drastically increased spawn rates, and inside is an area where you have to sail around and get Leviathan to spawn. To enter you must have five people on a ship for it to spawn but not all five can enter. You need the Leviathan Hook to get the heart of it and the magnet to get the new sword.

Location of Spy NPC in Blox Fruits

On Tiki Island in the third sea, there is a building whose roof you need to fly off. There you will meet an NPC named Spy, talk to him to learn how to lure Leviathan. To find out how to do this, you need to bribe the Spy NPC using fragments.

Repeat this a few times until he reveals to you that the Leviathan has just appeared and then rush to get to the Treat Level 6 area section on the outer rim of the Tiki Outpost Island. Once there, lure the Leviathan using the Monster Magnet.

Monster Magnet, What Is It and How to Make It?

Find and visit Beast Hunter NPC on the Tikki Outpost Island with these materials to make a Monster Magnet. List of needed materials:

MaterialsQuantityHow to acquire?
Terror Eyes2Kill Terror Shark mini-boss NPC (Threat Level 4 to 6 area)
Electric Wing8Kill Piranhas (Threat Level 2 area)
Fool’s Gold20Destroy Ghost or Abandoned Ships (Threat Level 2 area)
Shark Tooth10Kill Sharks (Threat Level 2 to 4 area)

Leviathan in Blox fruits: how to Summon him?

After reaching the Threat Level 6 area section, use the Monster Magnet to lure out the Leviathan. Remember, the spawn rate of a Leviathan is meager. It may take several attempts if you’re lucky or even days to summon a Leviathan. So, be patient and roam around the area on your boat until you invite one.

If you can summon a Leviathan, to defeat him, gather your team and take him down together. I highly recommend a group of 10 or more for such an epic battle.

Leviathan defeated? What materials can you obtain from him?

As a raid boss, you can loot some of the rarest materials in Blox Fruits from a Leviathan. List of all such materials:

  • Leviathan Scale
  • Leviathan Heart 
  • Money
  • Fragments

Hint* If you don’t know what to do with these items, we recommend you take the Leviathan Heart to the Shafi NPC on Tiki Outpost to learn the mighty Sanguine Arts Fighting style.

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How to Find Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks