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How to Find all Dinosaur Bones in Sneaky Sasquatch

How to Find all Dinosaur Bones in Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch update 1.5.1 brought us a brand new Museum area to explore, new tricks and traits for your dog to learn, and a scavenger hunt for dinosaur bones. When all the dinosaur bones are discovered, you’ll be able to build a T-Rex skeleton, plus win some other goodies! Find out below how to find the dinosaur bones, but note that this article does contain some small spoilers concerning what you may find as you dig for bones.

In order to start digging for dinosaur bones, your Sneaky Sasquatch will need to befriend a dog. Click here to see our guide on getting your very own canine companion. Once you have a dog by your side, you will need to focus on keeping it happy with lots of food and affection. Pet your dog, feed it treats, and make sure you clean up after it, too! These things will help you level up your dog by filling its heart meter. When your dog reaches level 2, it will be able to start searching for dinosaur bones.

There is something of interest in this area

The dinosaur fossil hunt requires patience and dedication—it won’t happen overnight. You and your dog will need to explore the whole map together, during the day and the night. As the bones do not spawn in the same areas for everyone, there is no specific walkthrough for the hunt. You will just have to keep looking until you stumble across each of the bones. You will know when your dog has found a diggable area, as they will have a question mark above their head.

The dog has found something!

Next, the dog will bark and point with its little paw, and a bubble will appear above its head showing a ‘digging’ image. The dog will continue to bark and point in the direction of the dig spot until you reach it. Use the ‘Search’ command (it looks like a magnifying glass) to get the dog to look around the area until it barks again and an exclamation mark appears, prompting it to dig. Help the dog dig and you will find something under the ground.

Your dog will show you where to dig

Sometimes it is not a bone, unfortunately, as there are many things the dog would like to dig up. You could discover tennis balls, food items, coins, and if you are lucky—gold bars! Just keep exploring the world with your dog and use the ‘Search’ command to encourage them to sniff about. You will eventually discover all the bones and prizes! Even after you have found all the bones, your dog will continue to sniff out goodies and reward you with coins or food.

Good luck!

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How to Find all Dinosaur Bones in Sneaky Sasquatch


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