Coral reefs are unique structures or biomes that were added to Minecraft with the release of Update 1.13. As a rule, coral reefs appear on the territory of the warm ocean. Corals themselves are made up of a wide variety of coral blocks. In this guide, we will tell you how to find this place in Minecraft.

How to Find a Coral Reef in Minecraft

  1. The first method is the exploration of the surrounding world. This is the most complex, but interesting way of doing this. You just need to search for it in the ocean.
  2. The second way is to use seeds. There are many different seeds, thanks to which you can create a world where coral reefs will be near the character’s spawn point. Moreover, you can find such a seed where, not only are the necessary biomes nearby, but also some interesting places like a village full of civilians.

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Coral Reef Seeds

  • 1194193358. Initially, the character in this seed appears on tropical islands, but there are coral reefs nearby with lots of tropical fish. On the other hand, in order to get other necessary resources, the character has to visit other islands nearby.
  • 538502489. With this seed, the character appears next to a huge coral reef place. Moreover, you can find many tropical fish and dolphins nearby.
  • 1848996952. A distinctive feature of this seed is that next to the place where the character appears, there are coral reefs, a village of civilians, and a place with a sunken ship. Thus, you can get nice items literally at the very beginning of the game and build a house in a beautiful place.

Coral reefs in Minecraft are actually a great area to build a house. For example, if you wish, you can create an underwater glasshouse. Alternatively, you can build a house on the shore. And given that finding a coral biome is usually not a problem, then building a house is just a matter of time. In addition, you can build fish farms there.

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How to Find a Coral Reef in Minecraft


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