The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

No matter what happens at the beginning of each entry in the Zelda series, Link is always strapped for cash and needs to find Rupees to purchase the items needed to travel safely throughout Hyrule. This is the same in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, as, without Rupees, you will not be able to purchase gear upgrades and all sorts of other useful items.

Here’s how to farm Rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD at all stages in the game.

How to Farm Rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Rupee Types

Like in other entries in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD features different types of Rupees to collect. Depending on their color, picking these Rupees up will result in you obtaining different amounts of the currency.

  • Gold Rupee: 300 Rupees
  • Silver Rupee: 100 Rupees
  • Red Rupee: 20 Rupees
  • Blue Rupee: 5 Rupees
  • Green Rupee: 1 Rupee
  • Black Rupee (Rupoor): -10 Rupees

Break Everything

While this isn’t exactly an efficient farming method, it will still make you earn a decent amount of Rupees without forcing you to go out of your way. As you travel from one location to another, you should try to break everything you see on your path to earn a few extra Rupees for your troubles. Additionally, once you can use Dowsing and have acquired the Digging Mitts, you can find some more Rupees hidden around that will help you get some nice additional Rupees without effectively grinding.

Sell Bugs

Once you have obtained the Bug Net and can access the Knight Academy, you can start farming Rupees properly. All you need to do is use the net to capture bugs and then sell them to Strich at the Academy for different amounts of Rupees. Below you can find how much you can earn by selling any of the bugs found in the game.

  • Sand Cicada: 50 Rupees
  • Eldin Roller: 40 Rupees
  • Faron Grasshopper: 40 Rupees
  • Gerudo Dragonfly: 30 Rupees
  • Starry Firefly: 30 Rupees
  • Lanayru Ant: 20 Rupees
  • Sky Stag Beetle: 20 Rupees
  • Volcanic Ladybug: 20 Rupees
  • Woodland Rhino Beetle: 20 Rupees
  • Skyloft Mantis: 10 Rupees
  • Blessed Butterfly: 5 Rupees
  • Deku Hornet: 1 Rupee

The Bug Net can also be used to catch birds in the Faron Woods. Once caught, the birds will drop Bird Feathers which can be sold for 20 Rupees each at the Night Market.

Play Minigames

The best minigame to play to farm Rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is the Thrill Digger minigame, which can be accessed by going beneath the Eldin Volcano. This minigame plays a lot like Minesweeper, as you will have to dig up Rupees from the ground without activating bombs. Playing this minigame over and over will net you a nice amount of Rupees to purchase all the items you need in your adventure.

Other minigames that can be played for a decent amount of Rupees are the Clean Cut Challenge on Bamboo Island, where you can earn items that can be sold in addition to 30 Rupees, and the Boss Rush mode in the Lightning Round minigame. The latter is better as an endgame farming method, as the challenge may prove to be too difficult without the proper equipment and items.

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