Bravely Default II

Like in every other Japanese role-playing game ever made, money is extremely important in Bravely Default II, as you can use it to buy all the items and gear you need to proceed further into the story. Purchasing everything you see in shops, however, can be a little difficult if you don’t farm for money. As different Jobs use different gear, you may have some troubles equipping characters properly if you like switching Jobs frequently.

So, if you’re strapped for money, you have come to the right place. Here’s how to farm it in Bravely Default II.

How To Farm Money In Bravely Default II

Money, or rather pg, can be obtained in a variety of ways, but some of the farming methods are much better than the others. For starters, fighting enemies will net you a solid amount of pg. The stronger the enemies, the more pg, EXP and Job Points you will receive, in true JRPG fashion. Farming money this way, however, will take a long time, so this should be used as a last resort.

Farming money by winning battles is made more effective by the Gambler’s More Money ability, an ability that increases obatined money by 10%. The ability can be stacked, so make sure to equip it to all characters to see a 40% money increase per battle. Additionally, the Gambler’s All of Nothing Job ability has the chance to multiply obtained pg as well as EXP and JP by 15, which can make farming a little faster.


The Freelancer Forage skill is extremely useful for farming pg indirectly. Using this skill will let characters gain random items, and using it with all characters in combination with braving will make sure you get tons of items each battle.

Selling Items

Using Forage by itself will not make you obtain any extra money, as you will have to sell the items you obtain. Also, all the items belonging to the Collectible category have no real use, so you should sell them as soon as you get them to get some money. These items are found all over the world, so make sure to explore thoroughly.

Cutting Grass

Bravely Default II eventually turns all players into gardeners, as cutting grass on the world map can potentially be, by far, the most effective money farming method in the game. By cutting grass, you will receive various amounts of pg, ranging from very small, negligible amounts, to huge sums. The value seems to be determined at random, so there’s no way to make it more effective. Just make sure to cut all the grass you see while traveling on the world map: if you’re lucky, you may not have to farm for money for a very long time.

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