How to Farm Food Fast in Raid Shadow Legends

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In addition to the fact that in Raid Shadow Legends you need to get different characters, you also need to upgrade them. For your characters to become stronger and level up faster, you need to spend food on them, and the more food you use, the faster your character’s leveling. The question of how to farm food faster is of concern to both beginners and experienced players, and in today’s article, we will tell you how to do it much faster.

How to Farm Food Fast in Raid Shadow Legends

As we all know, to get food, you need to destroy the playable characters that you don’t need. Of course, no one will destroy 6-star characters, but getting a lot of 1-5 star characters and grinding them for food would be nice. There are various ways to get low-level characters, but we have prepared a method for you that will help you earn food faster:

  • First, you need to get at least one character to level 60.
  • Next, use green crystals to summon many 1-star characters. Sometimes you will also get 2 or 3-star characters.
  • Next, you need to level up any 1-star characters to level 10 by using other 1-star characters and a brew.
  • Upgrade your characters to 2 stars.
  • After that, use the campaign farm. Use your level 60 character and three 2-star characters. Level up all your characters to level 20 this way.
  • After that, using them all, make 3-star characters.

You will need a lot of green and blue brew for this method and many green crystals, but if you play for at least a few months, then this is not a problem.

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Thanks to this method, in about 2-3 hours you can get about 60 3-star characters, which is an incredible amount. Then you need to increase their level and the number of stars using the same characters and campaign farm.

This is currently one of the fastest ways to get food, and we hope that by using it, you will be able to get some strong level 60 characters.

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How to Farm Food Fast in Raid Shadow Legends


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