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How to Escape in Roblox Police Girl Prison

How to Escape in Roblox Police Girl Prison
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

If you liked Barry’s Prison Run on Roblox, you will love Roblox Police Girl Prison! Police Girl Prison Run is an exciting obstacle course RPG with lots of silly and tricky obstacle courses to run through. There are little tricks and hidden keys, and scary guards to avoid! If you need help getting through then just follow our guide on how to escape in Roblox Police Girl Prison!

Escaping Police Girl Prison in Roblox

Follow the steps below to get out of jail and avoid the deadly prison guards!

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

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  1. Climb up on the table and eat the cake
  2. Take the spoon
  3. Use the spoon to dig a hole in the floor
  4. Hop along the platforms and don’t fall into the lava!
  5. Make your way through the vent system
  6. Head up the stairs, avoiding the prison guard
  7. Get up onto the pipes and make your way to the vent at the other end of the room
  8. Avoid the red camera spots on the ground and go to the door
  9. In the toilets, open each cubicle (watch out for stinky messes!)
  10. Jump through the hole into the toxic sewer
  11. Hop across the platforms without falling into the sewage!
  12. Go through the vent system until you get to a grate
  13. Bang on the grate until it opens
  14. Open the door to the cells and let the prisoners escape
  15. Avoid the guard!
  16. The prisoners will knock out the guard
  17. Steal her key
  18. Unlock the door
  19. Jump onto the train and start!
  20. Get off the train when it stops
  21. Jump onto pipes and through a vent
  22. Run along the vent systems
  23. Drop into the cafeteira
  24. Grab the Foodzooka
  25. Shoot the guard until she explodes
  26. Grab her key
  27. Unlock the door
  28. Jump into the getaway car
  29. Race through the tunnels to the end
  30. Avoid the deadly robot with lazer eyes
  31. Jump up onto the strange canisters full of green liquid and prisoners
  32. Grab the water bucket
  33. Throw the water on to the robot guard
  34. Grab her head
  35. Place it on the plinth by the door
  36. Go through the door to the robot army factory
  37. Run and jump along the platforms
  38. Go through the Experiments door
  39. Search every room
  40. In one room there is a way to jump up into a vent
  41. Go through the vent and up to reach the cannon ball
  42. Grab the cannon ball
  43. Put it in the cannon and fire!
  44. Get into the next set of vents to a door that says TURN BACK
  45. Run along the pipes to get to the two red buttons
  46. Push both to open the door
  47. Choose a slide to go down (it is random so choose either)
  48. If you get blocked choose the other slide
  49. Find the button hidden behind the skipping (and scarily buff) child
  50. Sneak around her and press the button
  51. Head through the vent and along the pipes
  52. To get into the gym jump up onto the barrels and in the window
  53. Avoid the guard and run to press the button
  54. Go up in the elevator
  55. Dig through the cave using the spoon
  56. Go across the bridge
  57. Hop along the platforms over the lava
  58. Jump into the mining cart
  59. Jump over the fences and avoid the guard dogs
  60. Get into the car and boost over the ramps!
  61. Fight the final boss prison guard until she explodes.
  62. Get into the helicopter
  63. Escape!

Now you have escaped Roblox Police Girl Prison obby, perhaps try it on hard mode and see if you can get past the scary guards!

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How to Escape in Roblox Police Girl Prison