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How to Easily Spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile

How to Easily Spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile
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After launching in 2018, PUBG Mobile is arguably the most successful battle royale game on both Android and iOS today. It has amassed more than a billion downloads and has become a highly acclaimed title on the platform.

There are many aspects of the game that players need to be good at other than merely shooting at enemies and picking up loots. It’s also integral that you know the location of your opponents as it’ll help to boost your chances of being the last man standing.


So here are some helpful tips on how to easily spot enemies in PUBG Mobile.

Play with Colourful graphic style

While this simple tip doesn’t necessarily work for all players, it’s worth giving a shot. By changing your game games graphics colour to Colourful, it’ll be a tad easier to spot enemies in the game.

Use your Peripheral vision

A lot of PUBG Mobile players don’t use this, especially the new players. This helps to scoop onto a target and it’ll help you get more intel when keeping a tab on your enemies. You can also keep your crosshair low and quickly scan nearby areas and observe subtle movements on the ground with your peripheral vision.

Look out for Campers

While most players prefer an aggressive tactic, some prefer to a defensive tactic. Whatever tactic you choose to use, the game is about survival, so be cautious of nearby bushes and trees as enemies can hide in them. However, they’ve been there for a while and could easily take you out if you decide to pull a fast one, so we advice using a sniper or grenade to take them out from afar.

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How to Easily Spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile


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