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How to Drift in Kartrider: Drift – Guide

How to Drift in Kartrider: Drift – Guide
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If you are a beginner, drifting might appear to be the most complex thing about Kartrider: Drift. It requires the perfect control of your cart and an excellent understanding of the game, which might put most players in trouble. This guide will teach you how to drift in Kartrider: Drift.

Drifting in Kartrider: Drift

There are many strategies you can use in Kartrider: Drift. As this guide is created mainly for beginners, we will focus on the most straightforward drift strategies that can be used in all game modes. 

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Tapping Drift

If you start drifting in Kartrider: Drift, be sure that Tapping Drift is one of the best options for you. You only need to tap on the arrow key that corresponds to the drift direction you need to choose.

The main difficulty here is that you should provide enough space for your cart while doing Tapping Drift. Otherwise, you will face the track on the first try of completing Tapping Drift.

Optimized Drift

Another drift strategy suitable for beginners is Optimized Drift. It helps to get Boost Gauge and reduces speed loss, allowing you to be more stable during the race. 

If you want to do Optimized Drift, you should press the Drift Key only for a few milliseconds so that your cart will start drifting. It might be challenging, but you will execute Optimized Drift better if you practice.

Take into account that you should keep the constant speed on the track using both drift strategies. It might sound evident, but it significantly improves your drifting experience.

That’s it with drifting in Kartrider: Drift. Let us know in the comments if you want to learn more about Drift strategies. We will post new articles with drift strategies as soon as possible. And if you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our list of the best games like GTA for Switch and mobile.

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How to Drift in Kartrider: Drift – Guide


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